Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pokhara Star Peace Party

It is true that there is no any border for Science. And sky is for everyone. We all share one Sky and today it is the only thing that we have common among all the people around world. PAS also celebrated its first Star Peace Party for the first time in beautiful city Pokhara. Although the program could not be as we have planned in the spot. Due to the raining weather of Pokhara we had to confine our program of night sky observation in indoor gathering.

Generally Star Peace Party is celebrated near the border of two neighbor countries to strengthen the relationship and promote peace in the world. Its goal is to bring the positive change in mind of people toward the world by showing them the boundless beauty of universe and make realize being the small part of Universe.  We would like to thank all our friends and collaborators for their support for this worldwide Peace Party.

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