Sunday, April 6, 2014

ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM: Pokhara Yuri's Night Star Party

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Pokhara Yuri's Night Star Party

Pokhara Yuri's Night Star Party is the special event going to be organized by Pokhara Astronomical Society in April 12, 2014 in Chhunumunu Ghar (In front of Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City Office), Newroad Pokhara. Last year in 2013 the same event was organized in Prithvi Narayan Campus in April 12, which became very successful with the participation of 150+ participants. It is also the continuation of public outreach program designed by PAS to enhance the people about science literacy. Pokhara Yuri’s Night Star Party consist of series of very interesting events where people will enjoy the specialty of the night, wander with star gazing, eat, drink, sing and dance. This is the celebration of humanity in exploring the space for the very first time in April 12, 1961. A special night where people will enjoy the beauty of sky and the universe around the world and in Pokhara on the human achievement in space.

·       Presentation on Yuri’s Night and General Astronomy
·       Short movies and video shows about space and the universe
·       Live Night Sky Observation(using sky maps, telescope, projector)
·       Barbecue Party (snacks, soft drinks, etc)
·       Dance Party
·       Music and many more…….
Date: 12th April, 2014
Time: Sharp 1800 Hrs onwards                         Venue: Chhunumunu Ghar

Organizer                                                              In Association With

Pokhara Astronomical Society (PAS)             Chhunumunu Publication Ltd.
                                                                          Rotaract Club ofNewroad Pokhara

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