Sunday, June 2, 2013

Outreach at Ram Shah Higher Secondary School, Tanahun

PAS successfully conducted outreach program at Ram Shah Higher Secondary School, Aanboo Khaireni, Tanahun on 30th May 2013. Mr. Suman Gautam and Mr. Mahesh Thakuri, from PAS, specially, talked about the 'Astronomy Education and Its Important', 'Components of Solar System' and 'Curiosity Rover on Mars'. The program was conducted in presence of more than hundred students with their science teachers. Interaction with the students was followed by Astro quiz with using Astro-kit. The program was conducted with Global Hands of Universe-Nepal Chapter.
The teachers of the school were trained to use Galilioscope own by school at night and night sky observation was done.
Some glimpses of program;