Friday, March 8, 2013

Outreach Activities on Roshani Higher Secondary School, Syangja

PAS successfully conducted its outreach activities at Roshani Higher Secondary School, Syangja on 26 and 27 Feburary, 2013. Astronomy Education and the technique of Night Sky Observation were taught on this program. President Suman Gautam focused on the importance of 'Astronomy Education' and talks about 'Mars Mission' and Vice- President Mahesh Thakuri gave his talks on 'Night Sky Observation Techniques' using Skymaps, Astro -softwares etc. Altogether more than 400 students, teachers and public observed Moon, Jupiter, Stars and Constellations through its own Telescope.

Programme Banner
Mr. Suman Gautam talks on 'Astronomy Education'
Mr. Mahesh Thakuri talks on  'Night Sky Observation Techniques'

Students on queue to watch Jupiter  through Telescope
Participants observing Jupiter  and its Galilean Moons
Mr. Ashish Sharma guiding to see sky through Telescope
Group photo

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