Friday, December 28, 2012

PAS Astronomy Class

Pokhara Astronomical Society (PAS) gave continuity to its Astronomy Education to three different schools of Pokhara.
PAS had conducted its Astronomy class in Kumudini Higher secondary School situated in Gairapatan Pokhara along with the night sky observation program.
During the program, students and teachers observed Moon'surface and Jupiter through our own telescope. More than 600 students participated in the program. Suman Gautam and Mahesh Thakuri from PAS along with Maya Barlev (Thomas J. Watson fellow) from USA facilitated the program.
 Mr.Ashok Palikhe the director of Kumudini homes gave vote of thanks to PAS and said that such program helps the students to gain knowledge on Astronomy and Astrophysics and inspires the students through live night sky observation..
Simillary PAS had conducted its program on Karudanidhi Higher Secondary School (KEF) situated in Simpani, Pokhara on december 24, 2012
And its third program was held in Motherland Higher Secondary School situated in Mashbar, Pokhara. Altogether 400 students successfully observe the Moon and Jupiter. 

Mr. Mahesh Thakuri giving talks on 'Solar System Objects'
 Maya Barlev (Thomas J. Watson fellow) from USA taking class
Mr. Suman Gautam giving talks on 'Curiosity at Mars'
Mr. Kamal Poudel giving talks on 'Telescopes'
Sky Observation
Programme hall with participants
Group Photo

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